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While conventional MRI scanners are a cylinder shape, an open MRI does not completely surround your body. It eliminates the tunnel design of a traditional MRI, replacing it with a scanner that is open on all sides. The design of it allows patients to see outside and around the machine and is used to accommodate claustrophobic, obese, and pediatric patients.

An open MRI provides a more relaxed, less confining environment and is quieter than a traditional MRI making it less stressful. Open MRI scanners work the same way conventional MRI’s do. The difference is the two open magnetic discs they use to produce medical images.

Did You Know?

Our open MRI combines Open Bore technology with TIM (total matrix technology).

70 cm inner diameter (largest in the industry) + 125 cm depth + 1.5 Tesla strength = a combination never before seen in magnetic resonance imaging.

We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to delivering safe, affordable, and high quality services in a caring and compassionate setting. We have been providing a variety of women's health care services to those in Latham & Clifton Park, NY since 1985!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI

1What is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)?

MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radiowaves to produce highly detailed images of internal organs, bony anatomy and soft tissue. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is able to detect soft tissue abnormalities and bone pathology that are not visualized clearly by other imaging methods.

Capital Imaging Associates was the first to bring Magnetic Resonance Imaging to upstate New York, and our technologists are some of the most experienced MRI technologists in the country.

It is safe and causes no discomfort to the patient.

2What is a High Field OPEN MRI and is it better than other OPEN units?

All MRI machines use a strong magnetic field. Simply put…the stronger the magnetic field the better the pictures and the faster the exam time. Most OPEN MRI machines use a magnetic field of 1 Tesla or less, most often much less. Capital Imaging Associates’ ESPREE™OPEN MRI is the only OPEN MRI which uses 1.5 Tesla magnetic field. This offers the patient both the comfort of an OPEN MRI as well as the highest quality images.

Our OPEN MRI can accommodate patients weighing up to 550lbs.

3Is MRI safe?

MRI is extremely safe. There is no radiation exposure or known side effects. Because of the strong magnetic field used, MRI Exams cannot be performed on patients with certain cardiac devices. There are some conditions that need the approval of a radiologist before you can safely have a MRI examination.

If any of the following pertain to you, please notify us when you call to schedule your appointment.

  • Any implanted metal devices, including cerebral aneurysm clips, middle ear implants, cardiac implants, shrapnel, and any implanted pump or stimulator.
  • Retinal surgery
  • Recent surgery (within the past 6 weeks)
  • Metal worker (welding/grinding)
  • Claustrophobia
  • If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant
4What will I experience during my MRI?

You will be interviewed by the technologist prior to your exam to ensure your safety before entering the MRI unit’s magnetic field. After all personal items/metal objects have been removed and placed in a locker, you will be escorted into the MRI suite. In the exam suite, you will be helped onto the exam table.

You will not feel anything during the exam but you will hear a repetitive knocking sound. Earplugs and/or headphones will be provided and a built-in intercom/music system allows you to hear and speak with the technologist at any time. When the knocking sound stops, the computer will begin formulating the images. It is very important not to move during your exam until the technologist gives you permission to do so.

Some MRI exams are completed in as little as 10 minutes. The average length of an exam is approximately 20 minutes.

5Can I have a breast MRI in an OPEN magnet?

Unique to the industry, this MRI unit, with a field strength of 1.5 Tesla, allows us to perform high-quality Breast MRI imaging in an OPEN machine, a major technological advancement in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The increased field strength of the magnet also results in a shorter exam time.

A breast MRI takes approximately 30 minutes.

6Do I need to have an injection for my MRI? If so, what is it?

Not all MRI exams require an injection. Whether or not you need an injection for your exam depends on what type of exam you are having, what symptoms you are experiencing and if any contraindications for having the injection apply to you.

In some cases, you may be required to have blood work drawn prior to your appointment.

If you want to know if the MRI exam you are scheduled for requires an injection, please call and speak to one of our knowledgeable MRI technologists.

If an injection is required for your MRI exam we use a substance called GADOVIST. GADOVIST is very safe; it contains no iodine.

If you have any questions regarding your exam, please call and ask to speak with a MRI technologist.

7Is there any preparation for a MRI?

Most MRI exams do not require any preparation.

If you’re having a MRI of your abdomen or a specific organ located in your abdomen (ie: liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc) you will need to fast 4 hours prior to your exam.

If you are scheduled for an MRI enterography you will need to hydrate yourself well the day before the exam, fast 8 hours prior to the exam and you will need to arrive for your appointment an hour and a half early to drink an oral contrast.

If you have any questions about your exam, please don’t hesitate to call and ask to speak with one of our MRI technologists.