Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

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Did You Know?

X-ray technology today is much more targeted and lower dose than X-Rays in the past.

X-ray, Fluoroscopy

Exam Prep For Digital Radiography (X-Ray / Fluoroscopy)

Exam Specifics
X-Ray Exams:

No restrictions prior to exam.

Fluoroscopy Exams:

No restrictions prior to exam.

Esophagram / UGI / Small Bowel exams:

Nothing by mouth 6 hrs. prior to exam (essential medications may be taken with a small amount of water a minimum of 2 hours prior to exam)

Arthrogram exams:

No restrictions prior to exam.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Radiography - (X-Ray/Fluoroscopy)

1What is X-Ray (Digital Radiography)?

X-ray is the oldest, most widely used form of medical imaging. An X-ray picture is called a Radiograph. Capital Imaging Associates employs the most advanced form of X-ray imaging called Direct Digital Radiography. The technology is the same as that of a digital camera. X-ray film is no longer required, meaning your X-ray exam is a faster, more highly advanced study with only a minimal amount of radiation.

2What is Fluoroscopy?

If you think of X-ray as a still picture, then fluoroscopy is a moving picture. Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses contrast material and X-rays to visualize joints and internal organs in motion. An X-ray beam is passed through the area being examined and a digital image is evaluated by the radiologist on a high resolution TV monitor.

Digital technology for superior fluoroscopic examinations.

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